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Isn’t it fun to shoot in other countries? For me it is, because I get to look at new things and faces; experience new cultures etc. So I am going to introduce you guys to Johor, Malaysia! Johor is a state in Malaysia, located at the southern part and it is one of the most developed areas too. The exact place that I am going to introduce here is Johor Bahru, the state capital of Johor. For a Singaporean like me, we visit there often as it is easily accessible for us because there is a causeway linking Singapore and Johor.

I will use JB as the short term for Johor Bahru for now. JB is made up of different races comprising of Malays (which is the majority), Chinese, and Indians. So most of the signboards are in Melayu (Malaysian language) and English. What I really like about JB is that I get to shoot old buildings, traditional food stalls, and even Kelong (fish village). I love the food there as I am a person who loves to eat, eat, eat hahaha! There are two cafes, which lomographers like us should visit, I would say it is a MUST! It is That’s Cafe and Roost Cafe, they are both located at Jalan Wong Ah Fook. Inside the cafe, there are lots of lomo prints, which they use to create their lomowall and old vintage cameras collection. So please visit them if you happen to drop by JB!

Be sure to carry more films with you when you visit JB because I am sure your lomo cameras will be busy shuttering!

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