Hanson 'Shouts It Out Loud' with the Holga 120

I had almost given up on my childhood dream of seeing Hanson in the flesh until I came across the “Shout It Out Loud” World Tour poster. The good news was that Hanson will be mmmboping all the way to the Philippines. The better news was one of them is bringing a Holga while at it.

In an interview made with Taylor Hanson for their official site Hanson.net, the lead vocals of the pop band has fervently expressed his fascination with analogue photography. In fact, he confessed to owning 20 cameras, most of them being vintage and toy cameras. It is no wonder that Taylor was often caught with at least one of them in behind-the-scenes footage of their concert tour.

And he continues to pay homage to plastic cameras by yet again appearing with one in a promotional material. In the “Shout It Out” World Tour poster, Taylor proudly poses with a Holga.

The same poster has been used since the beginning of the tour but it nevertheless thrills the fans, especially fellow Lomo lovers from all corners of the globe.

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