A 9-Foot Office Brick Wall Made of LEGO


Need an office divider but you’re just tired of constructing or placing a lame, plain wall? The designers at Npire decided to use Lego bricks to construct a massive 9-foot wall. Check out the pics after the jump.

Photo via Juxtapoz

Hamburg-based agency Npire came up with this idea when they needed to separate their kitchen from the main work area. So instead of of just building a regular wall, they decided to make it more fun, quirky, and analogue! They bought buckets and buckets of Lego bricks and spent about a year constructing this wall piece-by-piece. They used up about 55,000 Lego bricks and said it cost them €2,500. Was it worth it? I’d say hell yeah!

Photos via Juxtapoz

A Lego wall is sort of similar to our very own LomoWall(s), in analogue and aesthetic senses. I usually look at it as an 8-bit LomoWall or a low-res LomoWall. I’ve been wanting to have my own Lego photo-wall in my room for ages. I just wish I could save enough, just look at how many buckets of bricks it cost to build that wall. What about you? Do you have something similar in your home or workplace? What do you think?

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    I miss the legos from my childhood.

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