The Curious Happenings on Ann Siang Hill


From vintage thrift stores to quaint little coffee shops, everyone will find something to love at Ann Siang Hill. Whether you are a strapping fashionista, amateur foodie, rah-rah nature lover or a random ‘I-will-never-actually-use-it’-knickknack collector (let’s be honest, who isn’t?), Ann Siang Hill will not disappoint!

It’s not everyday that you manage to find such a nostalgic area to hang out in. When you get there, you tend to forget the time and wander down the secluded little streets with an expression of utter bewilderment on your face. Trust me, it happens. So to save you time (and sanity), here is a short list of must-see stores to pay a visit to when you are there.

As you are daydreaming from shop to shop, don’t forget to drop by Oakham Market. It’s not your typical fashion boutique but a real-life, blink-and-you-might-miss-it vintage thrift store. Selling anything and everything from second-hand Doc Martens to 60’s style overalls, Oakham Market has managed to bring back vintage fashion without making it look tacky. Stuffed bears and old Scooby Doo stickers act as decor in this little basement store. If you do buy something (and you will), you get a complimentary toffee candy. Surely, that’s a bargain!

All that shopping can tire you out! Sit back and recharge as you nibble on some fancy little cakes at K.Ki/The Little Drom Store. Let your eyes do the shopping as you sip your Earl Grey Tea. This cafe cum knickknack store sells everything from little mousse cakes to old typewriters and teeny badges. You won’t be able to resist buying the little stickers that they have on sale there! 

After you’ve had your fill, take a leisurely stroll through Ann Siang Hill Park. The lush greenery will help calm you down after a day of retail therapy (hey, who can complain?). You might even encounter a very furry, very friendly, cat!

Just around the corner, down the hill, is where the jackpot lies. The Lomography Gallery Store Singapore itself! She stands – tall, proud, and brand new along the row of old shop houses. Pay her a visit, and you won’t regret it. We even hear that there is a really good egg tart shop nearby. The Gallery Store conducts little workshops for her cameras, runs a developing service and of course, has the whole range of Lomography cameras. From the quirky Fisheye to the twin-lens-beauty Lubitel 166+.  They are super friendly there, and might even slip you a chocolate or two! Their doors and their hearts are always open. 

In the hot and humid whether, no one can go through an entire day out on Ann Siang Hill without sipping some sugar cane juice! The Maxwell Food Court is huge and even if sugar cane juice is not your thing, you will be able to find something equally refreshing and delicious! In fact, it’s almost impossible to go there without seeing someone carrying 10 tubs of cold bean curd back to their office.

So, what are you still doing at home, in you PJs with your hair uncombed and teeth un-brushed? Go and get ready! Take the train, bus or taxi down to Ann Siang Hill today, and tomorrow, and the day after that. You will want to, definitely.

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  1. spiritedly
    spiritedly ·

    Great article, I loved it! Yes - I love taking photos around the area from Club Street to Neil Road and the egg tarts are super!

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