I've Made a Splash with My New La Sardina Beluga

Last Christmas, I got a La Sardina Metal (Beluga). It was a brand new and gorgeous camera coated in a beautiful armor of gold and red. It was my first experience with a La Sardina and I want to share it with you!

It was on December 30th when I got a box of a La Sardina Metal Edition, Beluga had my name on it. Without any doubt and hesitation I grabbed a pack of Lomography Color Negative 400 and I started to discover the new addition to my small Lomographic Collection.

First of all, I have to say the packaging of the camera is spectacular! It comes in a wood box that reminded me of the boxes from the Fish Markets from the movies. After I opened the box, I felt amazed with all the books that were included — typical thing of Lomography to keep making us fall in love with the precious editions of the camera’s manuals, posters and special books — always full with a sleek design. I kept going, and I found the bold, powerful and matching Fritz the Blitz Flash, and some plastic circles that work as color filters for the flash.

Last but not least, I took out the elegant and sturdy camera. The first thing that crossed my mind was “it’s not a plastic camera!” It was metal, it was heavy, it had a sturdy body; and that was an interesting change. The expectation and the excitement was growing and I was ready to use my new Sardina.

The next step was visiting the La Sardina Microsite and have a look at the “Getting Started” section, to understand the basics. After watching a few (a couple of times), I decided to load my camera with the film. It’s really easy to load and right away you have it ready to shoot.

I have to admit that at the beginning I thought the flash wasn’t working properly, because the green light was on, but it didn’t work. After asking expert Lomographer, makny, I realized that before shooting you need to hold and pull out the lens barrel until you read the message “Shoot only if you can read me.” Then, you have to turn it clockwise (if you’re looking at the front of the camera) until you hear a “click."

After I understood the basics of my La Sardina, I started to take photos, some of them long exposures, other in the daylight, indoors, and other multiples shots.

Credits: carmengraphy

I have to admit I’ve been caught in the nets of my brand new Sardina! It’s easy to use and besides it allows you to make beautiful photos right from the first roll. Also I love the fact that it gives you endless possibilities with the color filters and the multiple shots! You can get amazing and different effects.

Credits: carmengraphy

Add a touch of sophistication to your wide-angle escapades. The La Sardina Metal Editions can shoot amazingly expansive Lomographs while indulging your senses with its fine looks and classic appeal. Whether you choose Beluga in red or Czar in blue, you’ll have taste of analogue luxury with the La Sardina Metal Editions. Get them in our Shop now!

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translated by carmengraphy

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