Three big names who share the same aesthetics in skateboarding: DLX, HUF, and Haroshi team up to create a series of artworks, as well as clothing products. Want to see what the artist came up with? Read on…

Spitfire wheels. Sculptured plywood. Images via HUFworldwide.com

A few days ago, I wrote about the talented Japanese artist Haroshi and his amazing wood art using recycled skateboard decks. I recently found out that he has teamed up with California based clothing line HUF and DLX (Deluxe), a distribution label who currently handles five popular skate brands: Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Anti-hero, Real Skateboards, and Krooked. Haroshi’s new works were exhibited at HUF’s headquarters in Los Angeles. HUF also released a number of clothing products like shirts, hoodies, and shoes that also feature Haroshi’s work.

Images via HUFworldwide.com

According to HUF: “In honor of this collaboration, HUF and DLX sent Haroshi hundreds of used skateboard decks skated by specific DLX team riders. Drawing upon his philosophy that there is a significant relationship between the skateboarder and his skateboard, Haroshi has transformed the very decks skated by these DLX team riders into one-of-a-kind sculptures representative of the skaters themselves.”

Here’s a teaser trailer video:

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