Krung - S - Tep - A LomoMovie from Thailand


What happens when you animate 7100 LC-A photos?

KRUNG-S-TEP from SoSharp on Vimeo.

Until now few posts if any at all have managed have recieved such a warm reception as chaweemek See you around movie last fall. The Lomographic community in Thailand have since been busy with another project – see the movie and read the story – this is to good to go unnoticed!

For years, Analogmemory has worked and played with the concepts of Lomography. This time, we wanted to explore the way to reach to the heart motto of Lomography, “Don’t Think, Just Shoot”. We’ve changed a still camera, the Lomo LC-A, to be a movie camera accidentally recording the unexpected results we could expect from tourist’s handycams around Thailand.

For this movie we got 21 Lomographers together including sosharp, so serene serene, mogaman, lomoniceguy, b.terrier, noyna01, nutkarb, dhaniz, goodday, strangely, puttiez, style_tong, punkpanda, tracetime, uglykid, koykung, golfarea, f_nosonjai, 7SAMURAI, kokakoo and kemumaki that all in all shoot over 7100 photos with various kinds of films over the course of 9 hours! We also got 2 music composers, E'ta-ba Is Majaros for the first version and Ed Crub for the reversed version.

In all this project took about two years to make! Shooting was easy – we could do this in one day. Editing not so much, this took us a further 3 months. Finding a composer that could work with this somewhat strange film? About two years!

This is also the first Lomographic movie of its kind, although we did a demo with “only” 10 rolls of film before.

The movie orginally premiered at the analogmemory's Lomography exhibition in Chiang Mai. Many spectators were confussed with what they saw but they loved it, the project, the colors, the processing!

Visit out Vimeo account if you want to see more of our work!

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-05-08 #news #embassy #movie #lomography #thailand


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    This made me smile really big. Awesome.

  4. jblaze823
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    Absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Great work

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    awesome video!!
    really cool.

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    What a great project! Awesome result!

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    OMG!!! I *heart* BKK, this is so wonderful :)

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    Simply amazing work! Congrats for this masterpiece!!

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    i was planning this one, too. but i don;t have a companion. i think it's a good thing to have more people joining this one. nice work!!!

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    just amazing... i'm speechless... the talent and dedication it took to make this is brilliant... wow.

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