Jin Young Lu: Invisible People


Jin Young Lu is an artist who has a unique style when it comes to making her artwork. For one of her works, she created transparent sculptures of people. See more after the break.

Image via Koikoikoi

Jin Young Yu’s sculpture of invisible people takes her craft to a higher level. For the invisible people series, she wanted to create something that showed alienated people in a different light. These are the people who would rather keep to themselves. Upon seeing the faces of the sculptures, we can see that most of them have sad or expressionless faces. Some seem to hold back their tears and others have masks with smiling faces where they can hide their true feelings.

Working on invisible material wasn’t easy at first. Jin Young Yu has worked with the clear bodies for a long time before figuring out the right technique to achieve the look that she wants for the sculptures. Most of the materials that she used for the sculptures are not items that are typically used by other sculptures and it took some experimentation to come up with her one-of-a kind work.

According to the artist, her work is somewhat a representation of her own personality – an introvert who would rather keep to herself rather than go out and mingle with others. Jin Young Yu soon realized that there are other people like her, too and they can easily interpret her invisible sculptures.

View images of her invisible sculptures below:

Images via Koikoikoi

Information for this article was taken from Arrested Motion and Union Gallery.

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    Love it!

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    Interesting but too eerie for me to keep one in the house.

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