A Little Light Lunch at Maria's, Leeds

2012-01-14 2

The area where I live – Meanwood, Leeds, is quite an up-and-coming area, and seems to be growing in popularity of late. Maria’s has been around since before I moved to this area and it remains to be a firm favourite of mine.

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Maria’s is a little cafe right in the heart of Meanwood. It is only open short hours over breakfast and lunch Monday to Saturday. It is a lovely little place with friendly staff and a regular clientele. In the summer months, there are lovely outdoor tables so you can sit and have one of their lovely coffees whilst watching the world go by. In the winter you have to sit inside but this is ok, as the kitchen is partly open and you can see all the lovely food being cooked.

Credits: kneehigh85

The food is mostly sandwiches but some of these are hot and they do some hot meals like soup, jacket potatoes, and full English breakfasts. I also love their exciting range of soft drinks, they seem to do a lot of things you don’t see in many cafes in the UK such as Snapple, Bundeburg, and flavoured San Pellegrino.

Credits: kneehigh85

I love the quirky furniture in Maria’s, none of it really seems to match – some wrought iron chairs, church pews and wooden seats/benches. They all compliment each other really really well. There is also a huge range of books, magazines, and newspapers on a big wooden bookshelf that you can borrow and have a read over your coffee or meal.

Credits: kneehigh85

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  1. kathleenmendoza
    kathleenmendoza ·

    Wow, very nice photos :)

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    Love these :)

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