A DIY Life with the P-Sharan Pinhole Camera


Here’s a review of the P-Sharan pinhole camera that I used on my vacation in Austin, Texas during the summer of 2011. Read on to find out the difference between cameras with lenses and the pinhole.

As some may already know, pinholes are the earliest forms of photography in history. Through many decades, cameras have improved in ways that our ancestors would be dazzled by. Today, though digital has made amazing advances in the world of photography, pinholes still hold a special place in the hearts of many photographers.

Image via Lomography Shop

I have used various DIY pinhole cameras through the years, but find these little P-Sharan pinhole cameras to be quite nostalgic. With its simple cardboard body and plastic mechanics, it’s quite easy to use.The images posted below were taken while I was on vacation in Austin, Texas. I was able to get moving and steady images to show shake sensitivity. Film photography has changed my life in ways digital can’t.These dreamy images produce a visual journey because the pinhole uses a tiny hole instead of a lens. Once light enters through the tiny hole, it instantly stamps the image on the film, just as it would when equipped with a lens.There’s a special moment of surprise when getting the film developed and not knowing what to expect. This camera has taken my photography beyond my limits. The P-Sharan Pinhole takes about an hour to assemble, but is certainly worth the wait.

Credits: spacechampion

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I discovered pinhole cameras last year and love them.

  2. wontonowisdom
    wontonowisdom ·

    My brother bought me a small cheap $30 pinhole camera last Christmas and I fell in love. Great tipster!

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