General Photo Black and White Surveillance Film: You Are So Dirty!


You are a dirty film, very dirty! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Exposing yourself blank in front of all those people? And look at all the grain in your face and on your body! I cannot leave you for a bit and really, I don’t want to!

To be honest I envy you. You are not polite or mainstream in any way. Sometimes you are even delivered without any perforation. And I never really know what to expect from you. That is pretty sexy I have to say. And because somebody filled you with super panchromatic emulsion up to the top, it ought to make you ultra-sensitive.

Credits: wil6ka

Well, I don’t know what that means but it sounds hot and I guess there is some magic stuff in it. And there is one thing that makes you unique to all the others. Your screw is a little loose—I hope that doesn’t offend you! But when you are off the hook, your blank spots reflect on your memories. Sometimes, when we talk and you tell your stories, your pictures become vague and allure me with your very own mystique.

Credits: wil6ka

Sometimes you seem like my favorite fantasy from a film of David Lynch. I don’t know if I can stay with you. Sometimes you are just too much for me. But I love you, of that I am sure. But because of that I can enjoy you only time after time. But eventually that is not the question. The quest is: am I exciting enough for you?

Credits: wil6ka

written by wil6ka on 2012-01-27 #gear #travel #fun #review #trip #hamburg #b-w #grainy #thailand #lomo-lc-a #caucasus #surveillance #sardina


  1. enlomarte
    enlomarte ·


  2. bug
    bug ·

    Very good unique review! And awesome photos :)

  3. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Wow, and only €1.90 per roll - it doesn't get much cheaper than that...! :-)

  4. alexkon
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  5. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @enlomarte @bug @buckshot @alexkon thank you, folks!

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