Having Fun With the Fisheye Circle Cutter


This is my very first collage, since I was interested with the ‘Clever Collage Rumble’. First I thought about the theme of my collage. It should be fun! In my opinion, Lomo is about having fun with your camera and your creativity. No rules! My collage is created by using my photos while everyone’s wearing funglasses.

Credits: gulgamp

What you need:

Step 1: I captured my friends’ faces with whole film whilst everyone wore the same glasses with my beloved Fisheye cam.
Step 2: The I prepared all the tools and printed out all my fun photos.
Step 3: I chose one photo for the background and another one for the subject of my collage and printed it in A3 papers.
Step 4: Used Fisheye Circle Cutter to cut my friends’ faces in a perfect circle with just twist my hand!
Step 5: Then I cut my subject and pasted it on the background.
Step 6: I pasted all perfect circle photos.
Step 7: Lastly, I cut the space that I didn’t want off. Finally, my first collage is done!

Credits: gulgamp

Enjoy your creativity with shoot, cut and paste!

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written by gulgamp on 2012-01-30 #gear #tutorials #art #tipster #hand-craft #fun-glasses-collage-fisheye-circle-cut-paste


  1. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Cool collage!!

  2. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·


  3. monamarques
    monamarques ·

    You had a great idea! =]

  4. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Nice collage! :D

  5. jochan
    jochan ·

    Nice! Like it.

  6. nacarilegea
    nacarilegea ·

    love it!

  7. philippa
    philippa ·

    this is great, very funny!

  8. george97
    george97 ·

    Very Cool

  9. saisai
    saisai ·

    I love it!

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