UFO on Your Photos


If you want to add cryptic light balls to your photos, this tipster will help you. Read on to know how to add UFO-like orbs to your photos.

We’ll need:

  • Thick piece of material such as plastic(I used pressed cardboard)
  • Scotch
  • Razor
  • Markers
  • Nail(no matter which diameter)
  • Dark room
  • Flat surfase
  • Light source
  • Film (12 frames best)

For a start, cut out a rectangular strip from the material, which is two times wider than the film. In random places pierce the material with a nail (do not forget to cut off the remnants). Tape one side of the “thing”, and put some colors on holes.

Now go in the dark room and start the magic. Tape film to the flat surface (emulsion side up) and put the devise on top of it. Now expose some light on the film and you’re all done.

I used the phone to expose film, but it fits just about anything that glows. But consider the sensitivity of the film, or scorched circles will appear (although if you like it – go ahead!). Do not forget to skip first frame, as it still lights up when charging.

In the end you get these:

Credits: coolbober

written by coolbober on 2012-01-17 #gear #tutorials #diy #color #light-leaks #balls #tipster
translated by coolbober


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    nice idea!

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    Cool! I will try this some day!

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    that is pretty cool man

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