My 2012 Bucket List: Search for the Sun

In the first week of 2012, I have re-invented my SuperSampler, received a Sprocket Rocket and bought some Tungsten film. With all this new material my bucket analogue list has increased, the main point is that I need some sun! Well, that will be resolved…

Credits: zipper

My analogue life has been very active this last 2011, mainly for the arrival of three new cameras to my collection. I have enjoyed a lot the double exposures (LC-Wide), the motion caption (SuperSampler) and the super wide angle (Diana with super wide angle lens). But what I have enjoyed the most is to share the lomo experience with close friends.

So, in my bucket list for 2012, the main points are to go on with what I did in 2011 and push it further: more experimenting and more experiences. This is how I plan to do it:

1. I am going to take all my cameras to one of the sunniest parts of the world the Caribbean Islands

Credits: jblaze823

2. I am going to experiment more with my SuperSampler. My first results with it were lovely, I loved the camera. But recently I read this article and my SuperSampler has already being customised.

Credits: zipper

3. It is shameful, I have used my Krab only in a swimming pool, it is time to do it in the sea!

Credits: zipper

4. New films! I discovered the beauty of the 100 chrome slide film, now I want to see what I can do with the 64 Tungsten slide film!

Credits: zipper

5. And last, but not the least… Having fun with the Lomo cameras! This year the Sproket Rocket has joined the family!

Credits: zipper

Lomo on!

What’s on your analogue bucket list for 2012? Share yours with us by submitting an analogue lifestyle piece. Check out our requested posts for this month to get more Piggies!

written by zipper on 2012-01-23 #lifestyle #underwater #lomo-friends #double-exposure #2012-bucket-list #more-sun

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