My Most Memorable Travel Escapade in 2011


My summer of 2011 ended with an amazing trip to Sorrento, Italy. It was without a doubt, my most memorable travel escapade of 2011 – possibly the most memorable travel escape I will ever have! Read on to see what made it so memorable.

I can’t think of no better travel escapade in 2011 than my trip to Italy last September. It was arranged as a holiday, wedding, and honeymoon all rolled into one with some close family members and friends coming too.

The holiday began on a Monday and gave us a week to take in the sights and explore the region. We were based in Sorrento staying at the Hilton Sorrento Palace, which was great for not only exploring Sorrento but the surrounding tourist attractions of Capri and Amalfi by ferry ride.

With magnificent weather, I took the opportunity to snap as much as I could using a variety of films I planned for the trip. A mixture of Ilford Pan 50, Fuji Velvia 50 and Sensia 200 were put to use in the first week of my Vivitar UWS and Fujifilm Silvi F2.8.

Just as much fun was had in the hotel too as little Emily splashed around in the pool and mum and dad enjoyed the occasional Limoncello in the sunshine!

Exactly a week after arriving, we were joined by some friends and family for the day of the wedding. The chosen venue for the ceremony was the Chiostro di San Francesco (cloisters) and was as beautiful as expected before moving on to Cafe Latino for the reception. All in all, it was an amazing day and one I’ll never forget. Being the groom, photo opportunities were few and far between, but my dad helped out too using some Tri-X 400 during the ceremony before passing me the camera to finish the film at the ceremony. I also had the chance to finish off my roll of Sensia 200 too.

With the wedding over and the rest of the week to enjoy, we took the opportunity to explore Mount Vesuvius and nearby Pompei to soak up some of the local history. I took the chance to try out some Fujifilm Reala 100 as we walked the ruins of the city and made our way up to the crater of the volcano to take in some spectacular views.

Before long, the trip was due to end and left me with a sense of sadness after having the most amazing time of my life. Not only had I had an amazing wedding, but shared a fantastic holiday with friends and family. The location, food, sights, people, hotel, and weather could not have been any better and I will absolutely be going back at some point.

We had one last chance for an outing though so on the final night, I loaded up some Fujicolor Natura 1600 and took some night time photos of our last evening in Sorrento.

I miss you Sorrento and I will see you again!

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Oh I hoped you'd write about this! I love Sorrento and these shots and your whole wedding look perfect x

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