Swimming Without Water!


Ever wondered how to go swimming without water in the pool? Well there is a place where you can do just that; at Yan Kit Swimming Pool! I am just kidding, you can’t swim without having water in the pool hahaha! But this is a very good location for lomo shooting! Yan Kit Swimming Pool was built in 1952 and it is Singapore’s second public swimming pool back then. It was closed down in 2001 because maintenance was too expensive to operate.

I attempted to swim in a dry pool! See, that is how you do it hahaha!

“Have fun while shooting lomo photos!” Yes you can have great fun shooting in Yan Kit Swimming Pool! It is empty and quiet inside. This means no one will disturb you or your group while shooting; so you guys can relax and have FUN shooting! Let’s see the photos that were taken by me.

So why wait, load up your lomo gear, camera, and films, and head on down to Yan Kit Swimming Pool! Don’t forget to bring along some fun looking masks for shooting!

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written by bao_wei on 2012-01-11 #places #fun #adventure #old #location #lca #urban-adventures #yan-kit #select-type-of-location


  1. snappi
    snappi ·

    nice pictures!! is the pool still accessible by other means? because i heard that it's being sealed up already..

  2. kathleenmendoza
    kathleenmendoza ·

    Haha, cute photos!

  3. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·

    Snappi: Thanks for liking! Yes you are right, it is already sealed up but you can climb over the gate from the car park side.
    kathleenmendoza: Thanks for liking!

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