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Making a collage can be a fun and creative process. Best of all, it could reveal your true self! See how I did my own collage after the jump.

“Looks like it could be a great backdrop, doesn’t it?”

Collage making is nothing new. All you need is a pair of scissors and some glue. Source of images and clippings? Take your latest photos, tax forms, magazines from the dentist, dirty newspaper that nobody reads anymore. Anything. Before cutting things up and rearranging them, some people prefer to plan ahead. Come up with a theme and gather their materials accordingly. Say Tommy first decides to do fairy tales, and then off he goes thumbing through old albums to piece together a unicorn.

Here, I recommend a more organic approach. Go with the flow and, like a gypsy peering into her made-in-China crystal ball, let it slow cook and evolve in front of you.

1. Brainstorm, cut out random bits that that your fancy. Any back catalog pictures that you couldn’t figure out what to do with? Miscalculated shots that you want to rescue from obscurity? Pet projects that didn’t quite make the cut?

2. Next, put all the photos in front of you, juxtapose and rearrange. Stir them up til you can feel some deep-seated feelings bubbling up, shuffle things around until a magic rainbow comes out the other end.

“Gosh! This aging hippie’s so hideous I just had to cut him out for more people to laugh at!”

I once went to the opening of a new local concern hall and saw this old timer sporting a beard from outer space. He could well be a wizard from Harry Potter! Armed with my new LC-A+ camera, I couldn’t stop snapping at him…

3. Once an idea takes hold, set the scene and get all the players and props you need to create that atmosphere. Amplify! Crank it up!

“Let the humiliation begins. Ha ha ha…”

Working theme: stupid beard
Aim: humiliation
Atmosphere: schoolboy humor
Technique: let that beard spring into life, give it a face and make it smile

4. Go away and then come back. Is that unicorn still magical? Does that attention-seeking beard still look funny? Feel good about the collage? What would your mum say? This is when I cracked. Looking at my Franken-collage for a second time, all I saw was how horrible I was. OMG. I’m bad person. Why did I try so hard to put him down? Sure, he’s weird and completely out of place. But what it is that made me go out of my way and become a bully? Did I just do this to feel good about myself? Feeling all ashamed, I brushed it all aside and went to bed.

5. Soul search. Does this collage reflect your personality, your character or your ambitions? Are you adding anything to the vast collection of art works out there? Has it been done before? Is this the best you can come up with? After a while, those V-signs didn’t look so victorious anymore. Instead, they seemed rather accusing and aggressive. They look like scissors! Do they symbolize my subconscious desire to cut that beard off? OMG. And that’s not it.

Credits: ihave2pillows

It reminded me that back in November 2011 in rural Ohio, an Amish man attacked another and forcibly cut off his beard. It was all over the news, and here’s a link.

So I now dedicate this collage to stop bullying. In order to raise awareness of the bizarre beard-cutting incident, I turned those fingers around and positioned them like scissors. I hope Mr Hippie Potter is still living happily with his long white magical beard. Peace.

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written by ihave2pillows on 2012-01-11 #gear #tutorials #art #tipster #glue #hand-craft #picture-collage #soul-searching


  1. icuresick
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  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Funny :D

  3. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    lol Someone actually prefers the first collage!!

  4. adash
    adash ·

    Indeed, it's funky and cool, it's not humiliating.

  5. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    @adash Thanks Adash :-)

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