Diana F+ Mr. Pink Key Chain: Cute as a Button


If there really was an actual miniature 120 film, I would think that you can actually load it and shoot with the Diana F+ Mr. Pink keychain. Read about my review after the jump!

In one of my purchases from Lomography’s online store, I got my wife a miniature Diana F+ Mr. Pink key chain. She likes all sorts of cute stuff, and at the same time I wanted to lessen the possibility of a potential nagging.

This keychain is enclosed inside a tin canister, which says 20% Lomography, perhaps referring to the size of the miniature. However, I’m not sure if it really is a 1:5 scale model, I think it’s smaller. With this, one should always be cautious not to misplace it!

One of the best things I find about this cutie would be how detailed it is. From the Diana F+ label below the flash and on top of the camera, the focus markings, switches, transparent lens, and film advance dial, it’s all there! I was even surprised to discover that the view finder of this miniature is functional.

A small chain attaches the miniature to a number of possible objects. Attach it to your keys as a keychain, have it dangling on your bag’s strap, have it as a house ornament or cabinet display, and you can even use it as a pendant to your bracelet or your necklace, ala “my precious…”

Now that we have one miniature Diana F+ Mr. Pink and one miniature LC-A+, collecting the rest to them seems to make sense.

Your favourite Lomographic cameras have been turned into miniature keychains! Use them as a conventional keychain, or let them dangle from your mobile phone, camera, or purse as a cool accessory! Lubitel 166+, LC-A+, Diana F+, and Fisheye No.2 keychains are available in the Lomography Online Shop.

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