Making Of: Don't Drink and Drive Collage


Here is a tipster on how I created my collage for the Clever Collages rumble. See more after the break.

Having shot tons of pictures during my trip to Bratislava and Budapest gave me enough material for a little collage.

You will need:

  • The photos you want to use for your collage
  • Two pairs of scissors
  • A very fine pen
  • Glue of some kind

I only used three photos; two rather abstract ones in very warm, bright, red colors and a black and white photograph to create an interesting contrast. I made a copy of the b&w photo instead of using the original because I wanted to trace some of the outlines in the picture with a fine pen to create a more vital structure.

I cut out the the lower half of the photo and replaced the rather boring gray concrete on the original photo with the lively reds of one of the other photos (which originally showed an ice skating rink). The sky I replaced with parts of the St.Stephan Cathedral in Budapest.

After that, I added some headlights to the car to give it a character of its own, put the whole collage together, cut it out with special scissors, taped it to a piece of cardboard and voilá – here it is!

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