A Height Worth Fighting for Bukit Lembing


Breathtaking hilltop scenery that almost got us “killed” due to physical exhaustion.

Another day of great success for the team!

Early that morning, we embraced the challenge of waking up and preparing for one of our toughest challenge and task yet – to climb Bukit Lembing. Our mission: to get a taste of the breathtaking view on the hilltop!

So we’re all up and ready by 5am and excitedly, we started our hike. However, due to lack of training (and not to mention, our physically unfit bodies), we struggled throughout the climb. But who can blame us, I mean, we had broadcast equipments as backpacks for God’s sake! I wasn’t proud, but we almost gave up in the middle of the climb due to ultimate exhaustion but our producer worked his magic by planting seeds of inspiration into our minds. That got us motivated and we’re pumped with some positive energy.

We focused on our goal by picturing the beautiful hilltop (and of course, the fact that we’ll get screwed if we don’t get footages!), we managed to conquer the hill! Our sweat and pain were all worth it because the scenery of the sunrise was amazing and breathtaking. Such a beautiful moment that would call for some action! So instead of kissing my girlfriend, I took out my camera to snap a few shots before we started our recording.

Needless to say, we were consumed with exhaustion by the time we finished our shoot but there were no regrets at all. We reached the top of the hill and trust me, it was most definitely worth waking up for. For you nature lovers out there, Bukit Lembing is a must visit!

This is the second part of my Sungai Lembing trilogy. Stay tuned for the last episode.

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    The sunrise, is awesome.

  2. psychicd
    psychicd ·

    never got an chance to hike this bukit even thou i live in kuantan..

  3. yuanchin13
    yuanchin13 ·

    eva_eva: yea the sunrise is awesome ! worth to used all of my energy to climb up there,
    psychicd: you should go there someday, it is worth!

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