Analogue Cameras Featured in the Latest Collection of Kids Of Bayo


One time while I was browsing through my favorite local clothing brand Bayo’s site, I came across the latest Look Book collection of one of their lines and spotted two analogue cameras being held by their model.

Photo via Bayo

Kids of Bayo is a clothing line in the Philippines targeted for girls and boys between the ages 2 to 18 years old. They offer a variety of well-designed items like dresses, skirts, accessories, and etc. I just turned 19 last October but their largest size available, which is 18, still fits me well. Since it’s my favorite store to shop at, I always make time to browse through their site to see what’s new. And just recently, while I was checking it out, I came across their latest Look Book collection and spotted two analogue cameras in there. All of a sudden, I was stunned!

Photo via Bayo

Now I’m not sure what the exact names of these cameras are, but the one on the second photo looks like a Polaroid OneStep Express to me. If you could determine the names of these cameras, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

You may view the full set of the collection on their website.

written by kathleenmendoza on 2012-01-18 #news #polaroid #tlr #analogue-cameras #lomography-in-the-media #kids-of-bayo


  1. betortita
    betortita ·

    The second camera is an special edition of the Polaroid one express camera featuring the 90's most popular female group "The Spice Girls" and that camera is called "the Spice cam" I recognize it for the colors, I have one in mint condition, I even have the ticket of the 98 when it been bougth :D

  2. kathleenmendoza
    kathleenmendoza ·

    Thanks for the info!

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