The Days are Numbered for this Housing Estate

Five years. That’s all that these 30+-year-old blocks of flats have left before it gets torn down to make way for an expressway.

There has been much brouhaha about demolishing of Singapore’s Rochor Centre over the last few months. But all said and done, the four blocks of colourful flats will have to go, which means the 570-odd families, 190 retailers and eateries will have to move out.

So before they get torn down, I decided to walk through the place while I still can.

Instead of using normal color film or slides, I decided to use the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 ASA film with my recently acquired used Nikon F601 and the Tonkina 20-35mm wide angle lens to capture the memory of the place. Why this film? First, I like the results of this film when rated at ISO 50. Second, I think it suits the subject better.

It was business as usual when I was there before Christmas of 2011. People were milling around shopping and eating.

But there’s one thing I noticed about this place during my walk through. It felt like you’re in the eye of the storm. It was surprisingly peaceful when you’re sitting in the common public area, looking up at the sky, and flats.

It really felt as if you’re in a different world, even though you’re in one of the busiest road junctions and districts in Singapore.

For that few moments that I was there, I could understand why the residents were so upset about having to move.

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