Come Down to Manchester!

The Chinatown in Manchester is the second largest Chinatown in the United Kingdom and the third largest in Europe! Enclosed within Manchester’s city centre with the magnificent Chinese Arch, standing proudly over Faulkner Street, dominating the main square, the area is rich with many Chinese restaurants, shops, bakeries, and supermarkets

The area’s history is rooted in the restaurant business, as many Chinese restaurants surfaced soon after the immigration boom. But in the 1970’s other Chinese businesses began to emerge, such as medicine shops, Chinese supermarkets, as well as financial and legal services, all serving the employees of the expanding number of Chinese restaurants in the area.

Painted in elaborate reds and golds and adorned with dragons and phoenixes, the colours and symbols of luck and prosperity, Manchester’s Chinese Arch was the first true Imperial Chinese Arch erected in Europe, a gift from the Chinese Government to the people of Manchester in 1987.

The area not only contains many Chinese restaurants but Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, and other Pan-Asian restaurants, shops, bakeries, and supermarkets as well.

Manchester’s Chinatown is a popular tourist destination with the impressive arch being well worth a visit so if you’ve never been in Manchester before, walk through Chinatown, see the arch, and have lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants.

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