East Meets West: Martin Kreloff's Pop Art

Hollywood movie stars and Japanese sumo wrestlers: what connection do they have? Martin Kreloff definitely knows what these two opposite things can have in common. Take a look at his brilliant work of art after the break!

Martin Kreloff.

Ukiyo-e literally means pictures of the floating world and is a traditional kind of Japanese woodblock printing art. A second-generation pop artist from Las Vegas, Martin Kreloff, uses this technique to create incredible portraits — from Japanese geishas, kabuki actors, and sumo wrestlers, to glamorous Hollywood movie stars, to people and their beloved pets — Kreloff has done it all!

Kreloff’s work is highly likened to Andy Warhol’s pop art masterpieces: the playful repetition and great bursts of colour invite viewers due to the paintings’ sensibility and presentation. Take a look at his work and see for yourself:

Japanese-inspired illustrations
Hollywood stars
People and their pets

Do you know of other Western artists who make use of Eastern art techniques? Share them through a comment below.

Information and images on this article were taken from Martin Kreloff's Website.

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