Lomography Color Negative 100: Simplest Choice for MX

I think many people told you something like this: ISO100 film mostly fits shooting during sunny days, or you should go with a tripod I have to tell you, though, ISO100 film is much more than that! Let’s MX with Lomography CN 100!

ISO 100 films usually have the finest grain between different films, and easily get blurry with handshake or get underexposed under dim light. And people said than it does not fit with most of the toy cameras like Diana Mini, La Sardina, Fisheye cameras, Sprocket Rocket, etc. However if you like to have Multiple Exposure experiments with your cameras, ISO 100 is the best to use!

Many large film factories cut their cheapest ISO 100 negative film in the past years, so we’re lucky that we still have a good choice: Lomography Color Negative 100! Don’t limit yourself on the use of ISO 100 negative films by others’ usual tips.

The benefits of using this negative for multiple exposure are CN 100’s fine grain, and it’s not easily overexposed at daytime when used with toy cameras with fixed N-shutter speed! The second benefit, especially makes you take more shots on a single frame, whether matter day or night!

How about cameras with automatic exposures like LC-A+ and LC-Wide? Set a higher ASA value, shorter shutter speed, and more number of exposures on the frame for lesser chances of blurry images (especially when using LC-Wide at night) .

So, what are you waiting for? Get a red pack of Lomography CN 100 as your camera’s food, and start the MXE = Multiple Exposure Experiment!

Of course, you can use it as usual and freely shoot the way you want.

Use Lomography Colour Negative 100 35mm film and you’ll be guaranteed images dripping with vivid colours, smooth grain, and fine resolution. Paired with a flash or under bright sunlight, this film will deliver breathtaking results. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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