New World Transparent Specimens


Japanese artist Iori Tomita meshed science with art when he preserved various organisms in jars. See the colorful specimens that he preserved after the break.

Image via Gakuran Man

Iori Tomita underwent training as a fisherman in the Kitasato University School of Fisheries and Sciences. He specialized in ichthyology, a branch of animal studies strictly devoted to the study of fish. He began to experiment with the preservation of fish in order to study them further. For the preservation process, the fish is first immersed in formaldehyde and then left to soak in chemicals so that the muscles of the organism can break down. When the fish has become transparent, it is then soaked in a solution containing potassium hydroxide and red dye. The last phase is preserving the fish in glycerine.

The end result of the scientific process is a colorful collection that can also be called works of art. The preserved specimens appear to have a 3-dimensional look to them. Iori Tomita states that he wants his audience to see the wonders of life through his work, which he calls ‘New World Transparent Specimens’, and interpret them in any way – as an art form or a scientific study.

Here are some photos of Iori Tomita’s New World Transparent Specimens:

Images via Gakuran Man and Trend Land#

The colorful transparent specimens are sold at Tokyu Hands, a Japanese department store. Rare pieces are also available from the artist.

The information used for this article was taken from Shinsekai and Gakuran Man.

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