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Leganes is a 45-minute ride from the city of Iloilo. Decent place but is now currently upgrading.

Leganes is a 4th class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. It is located 11 km north of the capital Iloilo City. Like most Philippine towns that sprawl outward from the capital, is made up of houses, farms and light agricultural industry. The major through fare runs right through the center of the town.

Every time people will head up north or in the beaches, they will pass by Leganes and would literally stop by because of the famous “ukay-ukay” or relief goods being sold in the Mercado (market). The church in Leganes is known as “the Mecca of Iloilo”. The church of San Vincente Ferrer in the town of Leganes is perhaps the most visited because people from all over the country would come to pay homage and display their acts of faith with hopes that the desires of their hearts might be fulfilled.

Declared as a diocesan shrine, the imposing baroque structure stands facing the town plaza as it struck passersby with its captivating beauty. The facade is an elaborate example of the usual baroque church common in the Philippines and in other countries around Europe. Without the canopy, the facade would have shared a lot similarities with the Church of Saint Theresa in Lithuania. Though it was just recently rebuilt, the architects and engineers did choose the best details that could make an astonishing facade that depicts nothing else but elegance, faith and magnificence.

What’s also famous about this town is Leganes was the first to display a big screen of digital scoreboard for basketball games in the basketball court. The place is decent because it is either not too far and not too near in the city.

There’s a little trivia about this town. Leganes was once known as “Valencia”. When two unrelated families with the same last name began to claim that the town was named after their ancestor, and the fighting eventually led to deaths on both sides. The Spanish Governorate put members from each family in jail and banished an equal number of both families to other provinces. To ensure that the argument would remain moot, they renamed the town Leganes after a city in Spain. Historians claim that the Spanish interference helped incite the indigenous population against the Spanish occupation that was starting to take root at this time.

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  1. jelga
    jelga ·

    haha! when i saw this location, i thought it would be for the spanish leganés, located in the outskirts of Madrid and where my dad was a teacher for many years!! i had no idea there was another leganés in the philippines! :)
    love the washed down tone of the pics by the way...

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