Travel Memories from 2011: A Great Weekend Down South

I didn’t go abroad in 2011 right up until late December, but before that, I had some super weekends in the UK. This is all about my trip to Portsmouth around Easter last year.

Credits: fletchinski84

I have been to Portsmouth the last two Easters with my girlfriend and her family and we have had great fun and been really lucky with the weather both times. In 2011, it was a great trip as I had moved fully from a digital SLR to my collection of film cameras so these came with me for the few days.

Credits: fletchinski84

There is a great vibe in Portsmouth, and for a smaller town I think there is quite a bit to see, do, and photograph there. Over the course of the four days of our trip, we visited the Spinnaker Tower (photo above), went shopping at Gunwharf Quays shopping area, hired small boats on a lake, took a walk around the historic dockyard and fishing area, and played on the beach and took lots of photos. Below you can see some shots from all different parts of Portsmouth.

Credits: fletchinski84

I kind of hoped that we’d go back to Portsmouth this year, even though we have been there twice already – places always look different depending on what camera I have with me.

This was one of the more exciting parts of the trip – when a very expensive yacht, potentially with Royals or other famous passengers pulled into the dock!

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