The Art of Collage With Lomo Pictures


From the first moment that I read about the Clever Collages rumble, ideas started invading my mind. So, I started creating my own collage from Lomo pictures.

At first I chose some of my lomo pics, in particular I chose some pictures I had taken during an art exposition in my city.


  • Lomo photos
  • scissors
  • a sketch on white paper of anything you want (in this case I sketched the head of one of Renoir’s “Baigneuses”)
  • double-sided tape
  • a ruler (to straighten the edges of the end result)

Let’s get it started:

First of all place your sketch in front of you and start choosing how to assemble your pictures around the lines of your sketch, cutting the photos if needed (photo 1). Once you decided where you want to place the cut out photos on your sketch, start cutting little stripes of tape and stick them on the back of the picture-pieces so that you’ll place them where you planned on your sketch/ drawing (photos 2 and 3).

And here you go! Continue as long as you want until you feel the collage is starting to look as you imagined it to be. Congratulations, after some cutting and adjusting the unnecessary, you’re finished!

written by bananayokimoto on 2012-01-06 #gear #tutorials #rumble #art-gallery #tipster #collage #diana-f #renoir #hand-craft

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