Bring Out Your Jackets for Cameron Highlands

In this article, I will be introducing to you guys to Cameron Highlands. The most extensive hill station in Malaysia is Cameron Highlands with a total area of 712 square kilometres. It is a very windy and cold place to be in as the temperature will be 25°C or below and reaching about 12°C during night time. Travelling is only by bus ride, it took me around 10 hours to travel from my place. Nevertheless, it is a great place to be in for me and my LC-A.

Let me start off by showing you guys some photos!

The most interesting activity would be the visit to the farms. From vegetables, flowers, teas, and a strawberry farm, yes STRAWBERRY is the most well-known plantation in Cameron Highlands! You will get to see strawberry-related products everywhere, ranging from food, drinks to even soft toys! I will remember strawbery picking from the farms, the strawberries are big, red, and juicy!

Everyone smiles when they get to hold a big red strawberry, and isn’t smiling and having fun one of the important things to enjoy during shooting with lomo cameras? So make a trip to Cameron Highlands to relax yourself and enjoy the cool windy weather during shooting!

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