Haroshi's Wood Art

Tokyo-based artist Haroshi does amazing woodwork. Utilizing broken skateboard decks and other parts to create fine wooden sculptures. Let’s check some of his art after the jump.

Sk8 Mario Series (2009). Photos via Haroshi.com

Haroshi is a self-taught artist from Japan. His art is primarily composed of old skateboard decks, trucks, and wheels which he usually collects and recycles. His work embodies the DiY aesthetics of skateboarding. Being a passionate skater, he started in his teens and still continues to skate at present, this gave him thorough knowledge of the skateboard’s anatomy and all of it’s parts including the deck, trucks, and wheels.

Dunk (2010), Screming My Hand (2010), and Fire Hydrant (2011), Photos via Haroshi.com

When making his 3D wood sculptures, he carefully chooses the skateboard decks according to their shape and structure. He stacks them together then proceeds to cut, shape, shave, and polish them. His mosaics are made from tiny squares and dots of cut wood acting as pixels.

Sk8 Rody (2008), Big Apple (2011), Mad Skull (2009), and Love (2010). Photos via Haroshi.com

As a skater myself, I find his work both radical and resourceful. His inventive concept of using elements from a sport he loves is truly inspiring. I can imagine the hours of thought and work being put into each piece and this perfectly represents the perseverance of the skate culture, most especially the skater.

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