LomoKino Presents: See-Through Umbrellas

How transfixing scenes are through transparent plastic, with droplets of rain affixed! See the world, via Lomo Kino lens, through the filter of a see-through, plastic, umbrella! Watch as the dull sky, in both films, clash with color from fallen leaves, and from double exposed film.

Rainy day in South Pasadena
The metal bars, in form of train tracks and umbrella spokes, are solid, straight lines, which cut across the screen, and through the degradable, soft, leaves, and the thin, plastic umbrella. The piece is a great in highlighting and alluding to the contrasts found in man-made nature.

Umbrella Fiasco – LomoKino
The marked speckles of rain on the camera lens, combined with the out of focus subject matter, add texture and layers to the film. The double exposure, apparent halfway through the film, gives it a ‘Wong Kar Wai’ feel. The red and yellow images, stretched across the scene of the slow moving man, resemble flames and also the dizzying atmosphere of large cities. It’s a cool contrast, to the solitary man, way up high, where much less is audible.

That being said, here’s something to listen to while watching and reading!

We hope these sequences give you inspiration, and compel you to create, on a dreary, rainy, day you are experiencing!

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