The Kino Goes Vertigo!


Say you want to make a movie starring your statuesque friend, or maybe feature jawdropping skyscrapers in your LomoKino movie. Why not flip your camera and shoot vertically?

When you are taking pictures with your cameras, sometimes you turn your camera and choose the vertically format. Why not doing the same with the LomoKino?

Start shooting movies with your LomoKino at 90° and enjoy your vertical movies!

This tip is shared by Daniel and Vita.

Enter a new analogue dimension with the LomoKino. Lomography’s own 35mm analogue movie camera allows you to capture action and immortalize your story on film! Shoot 144 frames on any 35mm film and create your own cinematic masterpieces. Want to watch your movie the old-school way? We also offer the LomoKino and LomoKinoscope package!

written by shhquiet on 2012-01-09 #gear #tutorials #35mm #minimovie #movie #tipster #lomokino #lomokino-top-tipster


  1. yyyhorn
    yyyhorn ·

    love the sprocket holes too!!

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Great film, my first film way back was vertical...…

  3. jpfdiv
    jpfdiv ·

    Gaaah pleeease help me and explain how you convert to digital!

  4. marasc
    marasc ·

    great video!!!

  5. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Bravo, I was curious about Vimeos max dimensions. Still waiting on my Kino to come in.

  6. glenn
    glenn ·


  7. lauguidali
    lauguidali ·

    Very nice! I was just wondering how a movie would look like vertically! I will give it a try with my next film :)

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