Mask Your Movies!


Experiment with a different perspective when shooting your LomoKino movie. How? By adding a stencil! Follow these simple steps, as shared by Daniel Groner and Vita Mak.

  1. Get a piece of paper and use a cutter knife to cutout any form you like. Maybe a heart, a triangle, or a few letters like “LOVE.”
  2. Fix your stencil on the film expose area above the lens inside the lomokino body. Simply use some tape to fix it.
  1. You can also try to add some sparkling or reflecting material behind the film in your LomoKino, this will give your movies some cool special effects.
  2. Now insert your film and starting shooting your stencil movie!

This tip is shared by Daniel and Vita.

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written by shhquiet on 2012-01-11 #gear #tutorials #35mm #stencil #mask #minimovie #tipster #lomokino


  1. liquorice
    liquorice ·

    Nice tip!

  2. andydreads
    andydreads ·

    Really interesting, I like the idea!!

  3. 11jack614
    11jack614 ·

    has anyone tried using this technique to cover half the film and shoot, then to move the paper to cover the other half of the lens and then double expose to give 2 simultaneous videos. i tried it once but i messed it up

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