Ceramic Skulls: Predictive Dream Series


Japanese sculptor Katsuyo Aoki uses ceramic as a medium to create her one-of-a-kind pieces. For her series ‘Predictive Dream’, she created various skulls with intricate details.

Image via Katuyo Aoki's website

Katsuyo Aoki is a sculptor from Japan, born in Tokyo in 1972. She primarily uses ceramic as a material for her sculptures and has created several pieces, mostly ornaments. For one series, she decided to create several skulls, all having detailed designs. She incorporates patterns and symbols when creating her unique sculptures. By including these in here work, she is able to tell a story through each carving that she makes on the ceramic piece. She takes inspiration from myths and historical facts, too. With the hard work she put in on her work, she hopes to bring to mind different emotions from viewers – romantic emotions, adoration or even vulgarity.

Upon carefully examining Katsuyo Aoki’s ceramic skulls, one can see the intricacy of the design. There is something new to look at when the skulls are seen from different angles. Below are some photos of the skulls from her ‘Predictive Dream’ series:

Images via Katuyo Aoki's website

Katsuyo Aoki chose to create skulls for her series to carry out different interpretations of that symbol. There was a time when a skull meant death. Today, it may still be a symbol of death but it may mean other things, too. It all depends on how the audience perceives her work. This is one of her goals – to evoke different emotions from her audience.

The information for this article was taken from Katsuyo Aoki's website and Acido Latte.

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