Lomography CN100 35mm: Perfect for True Colors

If you are looking for TRUE colour, the Lomography Color Negative 100 might be the film of your choice. Read on to find out why!

Are you planning a trip to the shore, or are you heading to the mountains? Be sure to load your camera with this wonderful all-rounder, the Lomography Color Negative 100! And make sure to take some extra rolls with you!

This film delivers great colours and great contrast and best of all it’s not expensive!

Everybody likes to experiment with all kinds of cameras, different films, cross processing. I do too, but sometimes, I’m in the mood for some true color. I found that this ISO 100 color negative film is perfect for my LC-Wide when I’m not looking for “false” colors but the real ones. The color is not too intense but looks just the way it is in nature. It’s a rather cheap 35mm film so with every order at the Lomography Shop I just add a pack of three to my list.

If you are into portraits, you should try this anyway as it delivers great skin tones. By this, I mean that the skin looks natural and not red or orange .

As it’s a slow film, it’s also perfect for my paper pinhole camera. Cross-processed slide film gets overexposed very easily in my pinhole camera but this nice color negative film doesn’t.

Now that there’s a Lomography Gallery Store in Cologne it’s even easier for me to buy this film. Because it’s a standard 35mm film, it’s so easy to have it developed and scanned as well.

If you’re taking photos inside you might want to use a flash since this film is slow, but when heading out in the sun, expect vivid colors and breathtaking results! This film is perfect for everyday shooting but also for those special occasions.

Use Lomography Colour Negative 100 35mm film and you’ll be guaranteed images dripping with vivid colours, smooth grain, and fine resolution. Paired with a flash or under bright sunlight, this film will deliver breathtaking results. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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