Vik Muniz: An Exhibition You Do Not Want to Miss!


Vik Muniz is an amazing Brazilian visual artist, sculptor, and photographer whose works are being showcased in the Berardo Museum in Lisbon, Portugal until the end of this month. Read on…

Paintings made with chocolate

If you live in Lisbon (Portugal) or if you are visiting this month, you will not want to miss the VIK exhibition that is being showcased until the 29th of January in the Berardo Museum at Centro Cultural de Belém. Entrance is free. Because most of his works aren’t made to last (due to the materials used) his exhibition consists of photographs of his works. Therefore, if you don’t live in Lisbon or aren’t visiting this month, there is a good chance there might be a showcase of his works in your country and city at the time.

Two reproductions of Mona Lisa made with jelly and peanut butter

Vik’s works are truly amazing, and upon visiting his exhibition I knew I had to recommend it to as many people as possible! He uses a myriad of supplies and materials in his works that includes food, toys, garbage and waste, paper, electronic devices, and other objects that you would never think could be put to such good use! He then photographs the final product.

More jelly portraits

His subjects range from portraits of iconic figures, to mundane everyday life themes, to reproductions of famous paintings, and even large scale ephemeral pieces, like the series of photos he has of shapes in the sky drawn with airplane trails, using (of course) an airplane.

So without further ado, I will leave you with a tiny glimpse of what you will be able to see if you attend his exhibition hoping it will compel you to do so right away!

Some amazingly detailed portraits of children made with sugar on black paper
Frankenstein and Dracula made with caviar
Medusa made with spaghetti and tomato sauce

And one of my favorites

Large scale Rolleiflex made with garbage and waste

If you find his works interesting, I highly recommend you watch the Waste Land, a documentary related to his Pictures of Garbage series. Also, when you leave the exhibition, don’t forget to stop by the Museum Berardo’s shop where you can get a variety of DIY Pinhole Cameras available for purchase

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