Shane McAdams' Paintings Using Ball Point Pens


Shane McAdams is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. One of his works features colourful paintings with the use of ball point pens! Nifty, huh? View his ink-redibly abstract masterpieces after the jump…

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Mainly working on landscapes, Shane McAdams is visually taken away by the desert’s amazing topography. His first drawings were inspired by road atlases and were made into collages. His general approach to his art focuses on mapping and he oftentimes relates them on nature’s man-made and natural relationship.

Because McAdams spent most of his childhood on the Navajo reservation, the forms in his work are often analogs to the methods of the desert’s stratified rocks creation. This explains why he also makes use of mundane materials such as Elmer’s glue, correction fluid, ballpoint pen ink, and resin on his paintings.

Below is Shane McAdams’ amazing gallery of Ball Point Pen Paintings:

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“One thing I’ve figured out is that most pens aren’t lightfast, meaning they fade in UV light. As a result I’ve had to test every type of pen, usually by spreading the ink out, putting tape over half of it … I also cover the ink in UV resin. When really hot, it will activate the ink and cause it to bleed and streak. Hence, the forms you see in most of this new work.” ( — Shane McAdams)

Shane McAdams’ current show, The Fair And Open Face Of Heaven, may be viewed at Allegra LaViola Gallery from January 6 to February 4, 2012. To view more of his brilliant work, you may visit his online portfolio at

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