Coffee Splashes in High Speed


What happens when a lump of sugar, or something heavier, is dropped into your coffee? A horrid, messy, splash? Perhaps. But, if you are photographer Jack Long, these liquid retaliations are subjects of fascination and worthy subjects of photography. High-speed photography!

Images via Dear Coffee I Love You

These transparent bubbles of coffee-colored-brown ‘liquid coffee’, resemble those wonderfully strange invertebrates, of the sea (I mean jellyfish, in case you don’t see the resemblance yourself). These interesting captures were masterminded by American photographer Jack Long. Some of his other captures look like the freshest of roses, or the hardest of hand blown glass.

In fact, despite the allusion to something being dropped in the cups, to achieve the mushroom-like splashes, Long says he has a ‘secret technique’ that he’s perfected, that doesn’t involve the common ‘dropping’ of something into the liquid, used in splash photography.

The images were captured using the technique of high-speed photography. Below is a compilation of Eadweard Muybridge’s studies of movement using high-speed photography.

For the film-aficionado, there are three high speed film cameras out there to achieve results, on par with the coffee splash images taken using a digital camera.

  1. Rotating prism cameras- where a long reel of film is continuously pulled past the point of exposure, while a rotating prism is used between the objective lens and the film to give motion to the image, matching the film motion.
  2. Intermittent motion cameras- faster version of the standard motion picture camera.
  3. Rotating mirror cameras- only works in burst mode, the image is relayed through a rotating mirror to an arc of film.

Aside from using these cameras, we wondered if any of you had other methods of taking high-speed photos to share, or just photos of your own high-speed photographs for us to marvel at!

You’ll find all of Long’s images, of different styles and color of coffee splash, in this article.

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