LomoAmigo Jonas Spinoy: The Jaipur Rider


Living in the Royal Pink city with his wife, two children, and many Lomography cameras, Jonas has been shooting for more than 7 years now. This month we talk about his favorite cameras to why exactly does he use film in our LomoAmigo section!

Name: Jonas Spinoy
LomoHome: fatafatphoto
City and Country: Jaipur, India
Favorite Cameras: LC-A+!

How long have you been working as a professional photographer now?
I started in 2007 , it will soon be 5 years.

Jonas, tell us a little about what made you attracted towards analog / film as a medium
3 years back Someone gave me a huge bag of expired 35 and 120 mm films, I didn’t know what to do with them , it sat in my office till I shot a couple of rolls out of pure curiosity. They immediately became like a treasure, I shot my last roll from the bag last month!

Does it comes to your clients as a surprise that you mostly still work with film?
To be honest most of my client don t know that I use film cameras, very few people understand the beauty of film, it s a digital age. When they do understand it makes them feel special ..

How did you get introduced to Lomography?
A friend photographer (Dayanita) gifted me a Diana F+ so that I could get the hang of shooting 120 films.

Which is your fav camera and why?
I love the LC-A+ the most , It s versatile and it always performs well in low lights, it s small and compact, fits on the back pocket of a Jeans. No excuses for not taking photos.

You have two kids, if you were to give them a camera, which one would it be?
I would give them an LC-A+ or any compact film cameras to start with and if they get really addicted once they grow a bit older an Hasselblad " the mother of all cameras !! ". I just hope that by that time 120 film will still be available ..

Are you working on any analog project right now?
Mostly portraits that I gather around Jaipur.

Any person, photographing whom has always been your dream?
Eddy Merckx, a Belgian former professional cyclist ( the best cyclist of all time ).

One place where you’d want to take your Lomo right now to shoot?
Oh yes , It would be freezing cold just now but I would love to take my LC-A+ and LC-Wide on a bicycling trip from Manali to Leh.. I can’t pack any heavy cameras, each Kg has to be carried up there for more than 400 km so the Lomography cameras are perfect for the trip.

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    Awesome! But, where the video? :/

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    Yo Jonas!! We love you!! :)

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    ahhh.. I didn't met him when I was in Jaipur!

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