Easy Multiple Exposures With The LomoKino


Multiple exposed photographs yield interesting stories and interpretations. Why not try double exposures with the LomoKino and see what you can come up with? It’s very easy to do!

  1. Expose your film for the first time, rewind it and leave a small piece of the film so that you can load it up again for your second exposure.
  2. Now, load the film into your LomoKino and start making movies!
  3. For best results, shoot in a dark room with fast flash – That way the backgrounds of your exposures won’t clash

Give it a try and see the amazing results! Don’t forget to share with us the link to your videos once you’ve experimented with this tipster!

This tip is shared by Daniel and Vita.

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    There is 2 Daniel (s)! cute!

  2. damma
    damma ·

    I will try it! Thanks for the idea :)

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