Nørreport Station


Nørreport Station is in the center of Copenhagen and fully subterranean. It has three platforms: Metro, S-trains (greater Copenhagen metropolitan area), and regional- and InterCity trains (throughout the country). It’s the busiest station in Denmark – approximately 300000 people travel through every day. Currently, it’s the only station that connects to both the Metro and regional train networks.

The oldest part of the Nørreport Station, the long distance section, opened July 1st 1918, and has remained largely unchanged. It’s worn down and suffers from major capacity problems, bad lighting and bad air quality. Space is very cramped. Basically, it’s dark, smelly, claustrophobic, and sometimes downright scary. The scary part comes during rush hour on the narrow regional train platform, as people precariously try to pass alongside one another, with the trains rushing by on either side. The S-train platform is slightly more spacious with better lighting, but the air quality is still very bad.
It’s a stark contrast when you move further underground into the new (2002) and highly modern Metro Station. Grey granite, severe lines and driver less trains in a retro-futuristic white. The keywords are functionality and simplicity.

Long overdue, the remodeling of the old sections of the station has been in the works for years, but is still in the very early stages of planning. The major challenge is space in the inner city location: how do you expand a station when there’s nowhere to expand to? And without causing traffic chaos above and below ground during the construction?

If you are just visiting Copenhagen, you’ll most likely travel through the Metro section of Nørreport Station, but you’ll probably never have to visit the old section.

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