Snapshots of a Business Breakfast Roundtable at The China Club

Have you ever wondered what a business roundtable for senior executives looks like? Then check out these photos snapped before the event started.

Last year, I was invited to a closed-door senior IT executive event as an observer. But this event was not held at one of the many 5-star hotels in Singapore. Instead, it was held at The China Club Singapore, a private members-only club.

Situated within Singapore’s business district, The China Club Singapore is considered as one of the more exclusive dining venues. Located on the 52nd floor of Capital Tower, this members-only restaurant commands a breathtaking view of the city and port.

True to its name, its interior decoration is Chinese art and culture themed. A quick walk through the premise (and sneak peeks into its private dining rooms) before the event started, clearly showed the heavy Chinese influence. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo as I was being chaperoned to the Pavilion Rooms, where the breakfast roundtable was held.

Walking into the Pavilion Rooms, I immediately found myself surrounded by rosewood lattices carved with Chinese motifs and lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Luckily, I was able to snap some photos of the breakfast and roundtable setup before the event started.

Here’s the view of the city from the Pavilion Rooms.

I’m not a fan of heights, but this is one city view I’m glad I did not miss – from 52 storeys high.

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