Most memorable escapade in 2011: Cabo San Román

Last year I had a faboulous trip with my family to Cabo San Román, the Venezuela’s northest place to be.

It was October and we decided to go to Falcón, occidental state of my country. We spent two wonderful days within shopping (Punto Fijo is a city free of taxes) and suntanning. Just before we leave on sunday, we had breakfast and headed to the northest place in my country: Cabo San Román

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We had a long road to go and the first village we found was Jadacaquiva, with a lovely little church with a bell outside… we stopped there to take some lomo and digital pictures and went on until we got to another village, a little bit bigger, called Pueblo Nuevo, this one has a really lovely yellow church.

Credits: le_ors

As you can imagine, we got a bit lost in this town and as we drove we arrived to a house that happened to be of a local artist, Alfonzo Briceño, who makes these lovely pots… he indicates us the way to go and we left, not without buying some of his handicraft.

before leaving Pueblo Nuevo, we found this mate eating grass

We continued our way to the north and got to Las Salinas, a saltmine that produces an important part of the salt in Venezuela.. we were one step closer to el Cabo.

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The road to get to Cabo San Román is made of coral, so it quite hard to go fast with the card… but after a while driving carefully… we made it!

Credits: le_ors

It was just beach in front of us and also Aruba island :)

I was clearly happy

It was time to get back to Maracay, our city, but as we turned back we couldn’t help to stop by the dunes… Los médanos de Coro a national park made of a big sandbank… this way we said goodbye to a great state and a great trip!

Credits: le_ors

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