A Drop In The Bucket: Analogue Ideas for 2012

2012-01-06 2

The future is analogue and it’s almost here! I’m hoping for an adventurous and fabulous year in life and in lomography, so here are some of my ideas for 2012!

The year 2011 was when I rediscovered the world of Lomography, experimented with DIY photography tricks, added the Holga 135 and the Lomography Diana Mini Petite Noire to my camera bag, and became a full-fledged “Lomohead!” Looking towards 2012, I’ve thought of a few more things to play with and explore.

Credits: twinklecat

1. Populate My Photographs
I’ve found the photographs I like best have people in them! Capturing a funny gesture or silly face in a portrait is a great way to express personality, both of the subject and of the photographer, but it takes a lot of practice! I think a friendly smile behind the camera and chatting with the subject will help people relax and be themselves as they are photographed (No more stiff poses and fake smiles!). I also love street photography and the ability to show how people fit in or stand out from their environments, so I’ll have to try some more of that as well.

Credits: twinklecat

2. Destroy My Film
I love the look of film that’s been chemically altered during the developing process, but I’m not up to processing my film at home yet. Since I’m a chicken about home processing and spoiled by my one-hour photo lab, I want to try some of the funky tipsters listed here. Boiling water produces juicy purples, extreme heat causes color shifts, and bleach fades colors and makes photographs look aged. I’m especially excited about the “Do The Dishwasher” tipster!

3. Master The Art Of The Self-Portrait
Sometimes I feel a little shy about asking people to take their pictures, so I often do self-portraits to get my fix. There’s only so much you can do with the “hold the camera at arm’s length and point it at your face” technique, and I’d like to branch out a bit to make more interesting photos. My trusty Canon AE-1 is equipped with a timer, which I only found recently, so I definitely want to spend an afternoon experimenting with it!

Credits: twinklecat

4. Meet My BFF, Diana
I just bought the Diana Mini Petite Noire, and I already love her to bits! My first roll was what you’d expect from any new camera, blurry images and blown-out exposures, but the colorsplash effect from the colored filters turned out perfectly! I can already tell my next few weeks will include doing all sorts of experimental rolls and getting to know her quirks and strengths!

Credits: twinklecat

5. Get My Vintage On
I snagged a Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro a few years ago, but the 127 film it requires is pretty hard to get. I realized I could still try 35mm film with a little bit of modification to the camera, and even be able to try some sprocket hole action! My first attempt didn’t work out so great; the film was too bulky to fit into the little Brownie box camera, but I’m thinking about respooling the film onto a homemade spool to get around that snag. Hopefully I’ll have some photos to show from this little 1950s gem!

Credits: twinklecat

6. Be Fearless!
Relentlessly snapping party scenes, city life, nights on the town, time spent with good company, and learning about new things to do with cameras and film definitely rank on my bucket list for my next analogue year! I hope to try new films, find old cameras, and seamlessly blend life and film into an unforgettable analogue experience! Stay plastic, stay fantastic!

Let’s make 2012 a year full of creativity and analogue love! If you liked this article, go ahead and check the rest of analogue bucket lists for 2012 submitted by the community! Of course, you can also submit your own inspiring analogue bucket list for 2012 and get more piggies!

The Diana Mini Petite Noir is a total stunner. This camera emits a classic vibe while giving you the convenience of shooting half-frames and squares in 35mm. Get your own sleek Diana Mini Petite Noir now!

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  1. berndtotto
    berndtotto ·

    Does the 35 mm container fit into the camera ? Sometimes it does, sometimes not. But 127 film is still available. I often order stuff from here: www.fotoimpex.de/anglicus/index.html
    They are shipping even to Japan ... or you might try the "Bluefire Murano" ( actually a repacked Kodak Portra 160 ), which is a little bit pricy though. www.bluefire.ca/BluefireMurano.htm

    Good luck with all your projects and looking forward to see the pics then !!!

  2. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    @berndtotto: The 35mm roll was too fat! It sat fine in the slot where the film is supposed to go, but when I tried to load the film holder into the main body of the camera it wouldn't fit. Oh well... Thanks for the tips!

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