The English Embankment


The English Embankment or English Quay is a street along the Neva River in Central Saint Petersburg.

It has been historically one of the most fashionable streets in Saint Petersburg. The English Embankment spans between the New Admiralty Canal, and the Decembrists Square, where it becomes the Admiralty Embankment

One of the most prestigious locations in St. Petersburg, the English Embankment today is mostly home to corporate offices located in former palatial houses of imperial Russian nobility and pre-revolutionary foreign embassies. It is very a popular sightseeing destination among tourists because of the wonderful view of the Neva and palaces across the river.
The Menshikov Palace and the Academy of Arts building on the Vasilevsky Island across the river. Many boat tours start at the embankment, taking tourists on a journey about canals and bridges of St. Petersburg

The Constitutional Court of Russia is scheduled to move to the former Senate and Synod buildings at the Decembrists Square and English Embankment in St. Petersburg by 2008. The move will partially restore Saint Petersburg’s historic status, making the city the second judicial capital.

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