Lomo LC-Wide Lover: Elijah Wood

So what does our Lomo Amigo Elijah Wood think of the new Lomo LC-Wide? He took it out on a bike ride, so let the pictures do the talking!

Alias: Lighe/Elwood/E.Dubs
Age: 30
City and Country: Los Angeles, USA

Amateur photographer. Actor. Obsessive music fan. Analogue advocate.

What do you most love about the LC-Wide?
I love that you can get extremely close to your subject, which isn’t always possible with the LC-A. Arms-length self-portraits yield awesome results as well.

Describe the LC-Wide in five words:
Fun. Open. Latitude. Capable. Vast.

What’s the strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest Lomographic encounter that you’ve ever had?
They’re all unique as seen through the lens of these cameras. (A true statement and an easy way to answer a question I don’t really have an answer to.)

Your advice to future LC-Wide shooters?
This camera is such fun to shoot with. Play with the benefits of such an open wide lens.

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translated by erayalan


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