Gocchin and His Weapon of Choice, Fuji Velvia 100

Deciding upon which weapon to use with his camera is something of an easy task for him, it’s what like he said: There’s no need to be indecisive when you got heaps of Fuji Velvia 100!

Name: Yoshitaka Goto
LomoHome: http://www.lomography.com/homes/gocchin
Weapon of Choice: Fuji Velvia 100

Why is this film your Weapon of Choice?

This film makes very vivid colors. And in case of cross-process, the colors turn amazing or crazy!!

What is your favorite color when it comes to Lomographs and why? Can you share a photo of it?

My favorite color is red when cross-processed. It’s not sunset or sunrise color because we can’t see the color in the real world.

Credits: gocchin

It could be your favourite film emulsion, a cheap plastic toy camera or the most fun accessory you have and they are your Weapon of Choice! Want yours to be seen here next week? Then just drop us a line at jason.delosreyes@lomography.com and you’ll get to show everyone what your Lomo snaps are made of!

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