To Photo Or Not To Photo...


The scenes in these photographs are ones that everyone can’t help but replicate. With the excess of photos out there, of landscapes, and shots of yourself from above, we may want to tone down the excessive taking of these pictures! Then again, if there’s a twitch in your finger, there’s no stopping you!

Bar Photos
With the atmospheric (ok, ‘dim’, and not usually suitable for photographs without flash) lights found in a bar, and good cheer and merrymaking, it’s no wonder people want to immortalize moments like these. Think about playing with long exposure, and color filters. If you want to drag on this evening, why not drag on the images and create fanciful memories of these, already, somewhat hazy and dizzy memories!

Credits: joyceyjoyce

I had a friend tell me that she unearthed a bunch of photos of sunsets, on her last move, that she’d been lugging around with her from house to house, not even realizing how many duplicates, or very similar images were in the pile that weighed a tonne!

Credits: grazie

Well, I take photos of food myself, to the end that they’ll appear on my food-related blog! I’m sure many takers of food use their snaps to a similar end. Or else, to send to their families and friends who give a damn, and who couldn’t be there to join in the fabulous, or stark opposite, treat!

Credits: superlighter

Couples Kissing
This one might be a bit sappy, sure. We’d go further, to ask, what rights the photographer had to take the photo, especially if it was up-close-and-personal like the one above! What do you all think? Do photos like this make you gag or bring out your inner romantic!

Credits: winroe

If it’s your favorite band, or friend who you’d promised to take photos for, we understand. Just try to enjoy the evening, and not worry too much about memories you want to enjoy after the fact! And, if you want some light, to do like a lighter and sway the camera back and forth in your hand, while holding down the shutter for a long exposure, then by all means, camera it up!

Credits: bravebird

Your Automobile
…or an automobile you wish was yours! Sure, it’s the perfect backdrop to strike a pose to, lean on, pretend you were lifting. But, when we’ve seen one, we’ve seen them all. Why not be creative, like the masked horseman above, and make an eccentric photo shoot out of it!

Credits: u-t-e

Mirror Photos
Yes, angles, and reflections that show a smoother-self, are flattering. But before you know it, a full hour has flown by, and all you have to show for it is a couple of good photos that don’t even look like you, and others with a flash in place of your face.

Regardless of whether these shots are deemed ‘too many’ there can never be too much of something good. And, there are no two shots that are exactly the same! In fact, I have a friend who is taking photos of an old hotel across from his workplace everyday, for a year. The sky, window reflections, and shadows change with the seasons and you are made aware how sensitive we are to these slight differences! Please, shoot and Lomo-on, to your heart’s content, because we at Lomography love all your photos!

Inspiration for this article came from an article in The Oatmeal.

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  1. crookedlens
    crookedlens ·

    True True True! good read!

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Hmmm I don't think you can have too much photos of landscapes, sunsets, and food, especially when it comes to film!

  3. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    Hmm, I have to disagree ... it sounds a bit discouraging. This may be applicable to digital photos but taking photos with a film camera yields various results - so I don't think I can never have too many landscapes or food photos.

  4. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    I think this article turns out to be discouraging. We as Lomographers have our own creative sense and it's our call if we want to take photos of concerts, cars and landscapes. Most especially food shots, definitely hard to resist!

  5. warhola69
    warhola69 ·

    ... but then again, a roll of film usually has 36 frames and to snap 36 snogging shots or mirror self-portraits aren't that too many, at least for me - unless if you got one of those SD cards with infinite storage capacity full of the same subjects aforementioned above, then that's when I call it a waste. I mean it's never rubbish to shoot film with the same stuff over and over, isn't it?

  6. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    @shhquiet @mayeemayee (and everyone else) Hello! I didn't mean for the sentiment, that comes across in this article, to be one of discouragement. I agree with all of you, in that you should take photos of whatever you want, and as many as you desire! Juxtaposing the text with the great photographs, from each section, was meant to visually show how photos of the aforementioned scenes can, and do, turn out fantastic. Lomo-on!

  7. nyebe
    nyebe ·

    Golden Rule #6: Don't think. Just shoot! :)

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