My 2011 in Analogue: The Year My Love for Sprockets Rocketed!


Sprocketed photos always shout to me (and others) that they’re taken using 35mm film! Raw, undefined, and looks super great in almost all photos. Since the launch of Sprocket Rocket, I have never traveled without it! Landscapes, portraits, and moving vehicles are my best shots with the Sprocket Rocket. I do wedding shoots in sprockets too!

Hakimbo and Mae Bhun Dee

Sprocket Rocket was a gift for my 28th birthday by awesome friends. I try to travel as much as possible during my off days and annual leaves, so I travelled with the Sprocket Rocket!

I swear by this camera, it’s one of the best things ever invented! Panoramic, ultra wide angled, and super light! What more do you want for a camera to travel with? It’s super easy. No batteries needed, no focusing; load up and JUST SHOOT!

Lets start with my travel journeys in 2011 with Sprocket Rocket!

Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 2011

My birthday trip (I’m a May baby!) was in Chiang Mai and I went to stay in an Elephant Farm! It was one of the most rewarding trips, EVER!

I was attached to this 25 year old female elephant named “Mae Bhun Dee”; a Giant animal yet such a gentle creature. We had immediate connection and for full 8 hours I was with her, bathing her, scrubbing her, feeding her, and hiking with her! Damn, I miss Mae Bhun Dee!

Hakimbo is in love with elephants.

And of course, Chiangmai has awesome landscapes for me to snap with Sprocket Rocket!

Penang, Malaysia
July 2011

Penang was a super random trip, and more of a glutton escapade! All we did was eat, eat, sleep, eat…and EAT!

Definately a different view of Penang

We went around the town, enjoying the view and exploring the area (with food in hand)! Amazing!

Colombo, Sri Lanka
October 2011

Another awesome place with luscious landscape, great people, good food, nice beaches, and lovely sunsets! The traffic is always busy, the people are always smiling and the sun is always shining. Drop your stereotype mindsets and start putting Colombo in your places to visits before you die! Trust me, you will be amazed!

Loving the Sri Lanka Sun!

This was the trip where I stumbled upon tungsten films! Sri Lanka suddenly had a pink-purple tinge!

Sri Lanka in Tungsten

Taipei & Hualien, Taiwan ROC
October 2011

My friend wants to travel to Taipei, so I decided to follow him since I can also speak Mandarin. It was my 3rd trip there!

Busy Taiwan

Scenic and calm Hualien, a contrast from the hustle-bustle of Taipei’s city life. Nonetheless, all caught on film, with SPROCKETS!

I tried a few Revolog Films and pretty pleased with the turnout!

All in all, 2011 has been a great year for traveling for me and I hope I can travel more in 2012, and probably head to my dream destination. ‘Til then, always carry a camera in hand, just shoot and don’t worry what you will get at the end!

Cheers to the Sprocket Rocket, a super duper awesome camera!

Stay awesome,
Hakimbo, The Sprockets Lover

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As film photographers, our photos become part of our journey through everyday life. For this year’s year ender series, our Lomographers encapsulate their trials, joys and the various highlights of their lives in 2011. Read more articles on the Year Ender series.

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  1. hairil
    hairil ·

    I like your hairstyle in the first photo. HAH!

  2. hakimbo05
    hakimbo05 ·

    Bangs will never go outta style!

  3. awfullysasha
    awfullysasha ·

    Hah! YEAH I didn't recognise him without his signature gelled hair. :P cool article! I LOVE YOUR SPROCKET ROCKET PICTURES KIMBO :)

  4. meerly
    meerly ·

    I love your look in the first picture, very kampong. I like!

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